The problem: With war, conflict, and persecution on the rise globally, the number of displaced people around the globe is also on the rise. An estimated 68.5 million people have been forced to flee from their homes in recent years. Of that number, nearly 25.4 million are currently refugees who leave behind all that’s familiar: home, country, community, and livelihood in a desperate attempt to escape the dangers. More than half of these refugees are children. (

The problem compounded: Unfortunately, fleeing one dangerous location doesn’t always mean the new location, which is often a makeshift camp of tents or substandard shelters, is any better. Rapes, beatings, suicide, rampant gang problems, and limited resources make daily life in a refugee camp feel like prison or worse. Education and health services for children are either limited or non-existent; school—which could provide help for the future and offer stability—is not a possibility for nearly 4 million refugee children. (

Can these problems be addressed? This is an overwhelming task, but it’s not too big for God. He can use education to draw people to Himself, bring healing, and provide opportunities for us to demonstrate His love to the displaced.

We envision a world where no border restricts access to an education that transforms lives through Christ’s love.

Where we work:

LESVOS, GREECE: While working towards opening our own learning centre, we currently partner with several other organisations to provide safe learning spaces for children and adults. For children, our focus in on preparing for school with a focus on English literacy, numeracy, and the arts. For adults, we offer English language classes in a variety of informal settings.

GERMANY: We recruit teachers for the Justice Project, an organisation dedicated to supporting women rescued out of sexual trafficking and exploitation. This project helps women with life skills acquisition, literacy, numeracy, and job readiness.

ETHIOPIA: We partner with Brook Hill Development Organisation, a local NGO working in Koshe—the area of Addis built up around the city dump. Together we train local volunteers to implement the Open Schools Worldwide programme, an educational intervention designed to lift children with significant gaps in their education and living in the most extreme poverty to a grade 3 standard in literacy and numeracy. The programme facilitates healing through trauma-informed practices and loving relationships.

And on our horizon: Mafraq, Jordan; Belgrade, Serbia; and Northern Italy.

See where we are working in Lesvos, Greece.

Our mission is to extend Christ’s love beyond borders, providing transformational education to those who are displaced.

The Method:

Reaching. We send Christian educators, administrators and staff—with a heart for relationship and a call to live out and proclaim the Good News—to provide educational solutions to the displaced and marginalised.

Teaching. We work in partnership with like-minded organisations and local community groups, training and empowering local staff and volunteers to impact their own communities.

Transforming. While we believe that education is an effective catalyst bringing hope to individuals and positive transformation to societies, we believe lives are ultimately transformed when people encounter the truth, grace, and love of Christ.

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