Why Choose TeachBeyond?

Here’s how TeachBeyond supports your decision to serve God through transformational education services:

  • We are focused on those serving in educational contexts so you will be joining a dynamic global community of educators representing 17 different nationalities, unified in a commitment to transformational education.

  • We will assign you an experienced missions coach to assist you every step of the way from the application process to starting your overseas assignment.

  • Our pre-field training (TeachBeyond Orientation) will help prepare you for living and serving cross-culturally by focusing on pertinent logistical, relational, spiritual, and professional topics.

  • We will provide presentation resources, training, and coaching to help you as you raise your financial and prayer support.

  • We have legal entities in 14 countries that can allow your financial supporters to donate to your project in several currencies. In many of these countries we can also issue tax-deductible receipts.

  • We provide professional development and mentoring online and on-site. You will receive feedback to help you grow professionally and spiritually. In some regions, you will have opportunities to attend professional educators’ conferences.

  • We facilitate continuing formal education and other opportunities. You can study online while overseas or on campus through our study leave program—and receive tuition reductions and/or scholarships. We have partnerships with Columbia International University, Dallas Baptist University, Liberty University, Messiah College, Regent University, and Wheaton College. See the Education for Members page and/or contact highered@teachbeyond.org for details.

  • We will be with you! You will not be alone! Our member-care staff, each of whom has experience serving overseas, is committed to helping you maintain your spiritual, emotional, and physical health. In the vast majority of our schools/projects, you will be joining a local team of TeachBeyond members which provides an additional measure of support and encouragement.

  • In addition to our on-the-field services, we also have dedicated home office staff that is available to help with many services related to finances, insurance, IT, and other logistical matters.