A Step towards Biblical Integration

Transformational education – from a Christian perspective. Isn’t that what we’re about in TeachBeyond? Seeing God work through education to transform individuals and societies to be what He designed them to be? Absolutely! Part of that “Christian perspective” on transformational education is teaching from a biblical worldview and helping our students develop such a worldview. […]

Mind Your Mindset: Cultivating a Growth Mindset in our Students

F A I L U R E       S E T B A C K S       O B S T A C L E S When we read these words, feelings of sadness, defeat, and pain may rush to the surface as we recall challenging situations. They aren’t always easy to think about, are they? Let’s […]

Long Term Curriculum Planning

11 November 2020 Planning is very important to learners’ developing and growing in the knowledge and skills they need. An effective teacher thoughtfully plans lessons ahead of instruction, defining goals and objectives, and developing engaging learning activities. Yet lesson plans only are one type of planning. They look at the short-term. Let’s not forget about […]