From fear to faith

We desire to help our learners through their transformation into who God has created them to be. When dealing with anxiety and trauma, our role in this transformation is to learn how to care for students, assist them in their healing and, in so doing, create a space for them to simply be children. As […]

See it. Say it. Sorted!

I take the train often in our new home country. I enjoy hearing many of iconic statements—like the famous “Mind the gap.”— that are part of the train-riding experience. My favourite of these sayings plays over and over in stations and on the trains: “See It, Say It, Sorted.” I love these words of wisdom […]

Transformation from the Inside Out

Trees fall. This one by our house collapsed and crushed the fence during a recent rainstorm. There was no outward sign of a weakness. Now, broken open, it lays across the fence and I can see the rottenness inside. Sometimes people are like trees. We can look good outside but won’t hold up over time […]