Cowman International School is our newest partner

TeachBeyond welcomes Cowman International School as a new partner. Located just outside Cap Haitien, Haiti, the school was founded in the 1960s by One Mission Society to serve the children of missionaries. Today, 90 percent of the students are nationals. One Mission Society is in the process of passing ownership into the hands of the […]

Vocabulary Instructional Strategies

Research Supported Explicit Vocabulary Instructional Strategies   Words are a gift from God. Words allow us to communicate with God and with one another. They are a means of growing in grace and in knowledge. Understanding and using words are essential to being a literate person. Therefore, the instruction and development of vocabulary is an […]

Reflecting on Transformational Impact

Here at TeachBeyond, our mission is to provide transformational education to the students and communities in which we serve. Transformation—especially Holy Spirit initiated transformation—is not something that is easily measured; however, if we are serious about achieving our mission, then it would behoove us to spend time reflecting on where we are in our pursuit […]