Necessary Evils?

Why did you go into teaching? I can guess that it was not because you like to grade papers, clean your classroom or make phone calls home to parents. In fact, you might say those tasks are necessary evils of our work as teachers. Have you ever stopped to consider how our Christian worldview informs […]

Metaphors for Teaching

Christian educators often talk about Biblical integration. Sometimes the discussion focuses on what we teach: ensuring that content points students towards a love of God and service of others. Sometimes it focuses on who we teach: recognising the image of God in our students and how we can serve them. Other times it focuses on […]

Teaching Beyond

Beth[1] taught a world history class. When she came to the section on Korean history, she realised she was out of her depth. She connected with several of her Korean students and their Korean School teachers. They worked out a joint project where the Korean students taught this material to the rest of the class. […]