The Image of God: Image Reflectors

While this article may seem primarily reflective, it is, in fact, highly practical; our understanding of ourselves and others shapes everything we do and the way we do it. At the heart of all self-understanding is that most practical (and important) of all things: “what comes into our minds when we think about God…”[1]. As […]

Exit slips: your ticket to closure

Have you ever found yourself rushing through the last bit of lecture so that you can finish up before the bell rings? Calling out homework assignments as students trickle out the door? Ending in the middle of an activity because the specials teacher is waiting? If you are like most teachers, the answer to these […]

Cultivating our Minds: Active Learning in the Classroom

Not long ago, one of my students declared in frustration, “Grammar is one of those things that you either get or you don’t.” I’ve heard this explanation of learning applied to a number of disciplines—you either understand maths or you don’t; you are good at art, or you aren’t; poetry makes sense, or it doesn’t. […]