Sowing the Seeds of Transformation

As we teach our students, what is the thing that will make the most transformative difference in their lives? Will it be the spiritual formation classes which we’ve laboured so hard to make relevant and practical? The opportunities to serve others in their school and greater community? The influence of godly teachers and school staff? […]

Knowing your destination

I travel a lot. As a result I have become pretty good at navigating through airports. I know all the tricks—how to pack so that I can whip out my electronics and liquids at security, how to dress so that I don’t freeze in the waiting areas or on the plane, where to wait to […]

Excellent Educational Environments

We are exploring four foundational pillars of what we mean by transformational education this year. A couple of months ago, we talked about step one: Becoming all that God intends. Now for step two: Excellent Educational Environments. As we pursue God’s intentions for each learner, how can we create excellent educational environments that bring transformational […]