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What’s In and What’s Out: My Circle of Control

The deadline was looming: write an article on helping students learn to live within their ‘Circle of Control.’ I was delaying the process, making excuses, letting the urgent displace the important, fretting about what others would think about the article. That’s when I had a deeper revelation about my own circle of control and what […]

An Invitation to Integral Health

Every profession has its inherent challenges, difficulties, frustrations, and setbacks. Besides not being exempt from these, teachers are also susceptible, in many contexts, to health problems due to precarious working conditions, complex relationships with administrators, colleagues, and school community, and changes imposed on their role because of recent social transformations. If, in the past, the […]

Safeguarding for Online Learning

Throughout this past year and a half, so much teaching has moved to platforms like Zoom or Google Classroom. Even this year, many schools are continuing with online learning. With this being the case, how can teachers remain in touch with the needs of their students, especially when it comes to safeguarding? I hope many […]

God’s Big Story

After drinking my morning coffee, scarfing down a muffin, and almost getting lost on a convoluted university campus, I finally made it to the classroom of my first graduate class. The course was Mineralogy for Science Teachers, and I was taking it as a part of my summer professional development. It was my first time […]

In Touch with TeachBeyond

We invite you to get ‘In Touch with TeachBeyond’! Hear the latest news from across the world Watch testimonies from teachers in Thailand 🇹🇭, Ethiopia 🇪🇹, and the Middle East Interact with Jack, a RS teacher at Grace International School (Thailand); Will, Head of Primary School at International Education Services (Creative access location in the […]

Triangles, Trains, and Excellent Teaching

As an administrator responsible for overseeing instruction, I could tell when good teaching was happening in classrooms. Yet while I could see and feel it, I had great difficulty articulating it. Every teacher is different. Every class is different. There is no one way to teach. And certainly no one way to create an excellent […]

Developing a Heart for Transformation

Dear Friends. I know this greeting isn’t a normal way to start an article. It is more personal to remind us that how God develops our hearts for transformation is personal. Personal, not because it is based on how you feel—we must still soak in objective truth. And not because it depends on you—the Holy […]

Supporting English Language Learners Online

Transitioning to online lessons has been hard for all students and teachers, but even more so for ESL students. They don’t always have the language to express their needs, and now there is even more distance and disconnect between them and their teachers. Fortunately, there are ways you can support your ESL students and close […]

Content-Based Interdisciplinary Units

Students learn better in context, and they take what they are learning more seriously when they can clearly see the value in the skill you are teaching. One way to help students value individual skills is to connect them to real-life experiences, problems, or topics. While concept-based learning is not a new strategy, it is […]

Loving Students through Transition

Transitions are a regular part of life for everyone: changing classes at the end of each year, moving houses, or having a pet die. However, they are more regular and significant for children who are living cross-culturally (or in their own culture but with people from other cultures). The sheer number of changes can be […]