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Planning for Student Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

For many years, educators have been testing the waters of technological integration and teaching. The 2020 pandemic has accelerated this process. Like it or not, students and teachers now find themselves swimming in the ocean of virtual learning[1]—surrounded by hundreds of apps and online tools that promise to be the way of the future. Even […]

In Touch with the Field

With the COVID pandemic cancelling some of the big mobilisation events, the TeachBeyond UK team organised ‘In Touch’ on 10 September, to bring together supporters, churches, and Christian teachers to know more about TeachBeyond and what it looks like to work overseas. “We were asking some of our members to create videos to connect with […]

The Importance of Healthy Teacher/Student Relationships

How can we help our students to learn? According to educational research, two of the strongest factors in student learning relate back to the teacher/student relationship. This shouldn’t surprise us, since we know that we are created as relational beings in the image of a relational God. According to researcher John Hattie, healthy teacher/student relationships […]

Digging Deeper: What Have We Learned from this Year?

What a year this has been! My guess is that when you started school you didn’t foresee weeks of school closures, a global pandemic, the evacuation of friends and students, disrupted patterns of teaching and learning, riots in the streets, or distributing food to the needy in your community. And yet, while we might have […]

Cascading Impact–Moving from Doing to Being

One of my favourite moments is sitting beside a rushing stream in the mountains of Colorado. Dana and I have hiked from above tree line to the whitewater of the Arkansas River. Tucked in crevices on the mountains are hundreds of waterways that cascade from the high mountain lakes and melting snow to the Arkansas […]

Practical Ideas for Navigating a Global Pandemic without Losing Faith

Thirty-one of Nashville’s Studio Singers pulled together a mobile phone choir to record the hymn ‘It Is Well With My Soul’. Their powerful performance proclaiming the peace of Christ during these unparalleled times of Covid-19 has become an internet sensation. The story behind the lyrics may be the reason for this hymn’s current popularity: Horatio […]