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Exit slips: your ticket to closure

Have you ever found yourself rushing through the last bit of lecture so that you can finish up before the bell rings? Calling out homework assignments as students trickle out the door? Ending in the middle of an activity because the specials teacher is waiting? If you are like most teachers, the answer to these […]

Cultivating our Minds: Active Learning in the Classroom

Not long ago, one of my students declared in frustration, “Grammar is one of those things that you either get or you don’t.” I’ve heard this explanation of learning applied to a number of disciplines—you either understand maths or you don’t; you are good at art, or you aren’t; poetry makes sense, or it doesn’t. […]

Life Jacket: a Documentary about Refugees

A documentary was filmed in July that captures the refugee crisis in Greece from a child’s viewpoint and shows the need for Beyond Borders’ educational programmes in refugee camps. Mrs. Faten AlFaraj, TeachBeyond associate and film producer, spent two weeks in Greece documenting the educational crisis faced by refugee children on the island of Lesvos. […]

Doing Justice

Justice is close to God’s heart, thus making things right in a broken world should be central to our classroom life. Here are five principles from the book of Micah to help us live out justice in our classes. Principle One: See injustice and care. Micah chapters 1-5 explains the mess of the world, and […]

Learning is Fun!

When was the last time you approached life as a learner? Can you remember the feeling of curiosity that drove you to press deeper into some topic, to ask questions that would push past the obvious and help you make connections to other areas of life? For me, this happened last weekend as I watched […]

Rethinking School Discipline

“Jesus Christ did not come to make bad people good, but to make dead people alive.” –Ravi Zacharias The above quote by Ravi Zacharias is one of my favourites. Christian schools all over the world must be  radically different from any other kind of school environment for this very reason: we exist to bring life! […]

Your Classroom, A Home Away From Home

The beginning of the year is an exciting time! It marks new beginnings and, for most teachers, a classroom to create as a home away from home. According Reggio Emilio, the classroom environment is the “third teacher” (with teacher and children being teachers one and two)[1]. So setting up a classroom with care and intentionality […]

The Joy of Teaching God-Worship

Can you identify times in your life when you have been worshipping God, but you weren’t in a church? My first memories of that were at camp, worshipping God in the splendour of His creation. But perhaps more surprisingly, I can still recount the first time I worshipped God in class. It was Biology 101. […]

Cowman International School is our newest partner

TeachBeyond welcomes Cowman International School as a new partner. Located just outside Cap Haitien, Haiti, the school was founded in the 1960s by One Mission Society to serve the children of missionaries. Today, 90 percent of the students are nationals. One Mission Society is in the process of passing ownership into the hands of the […]