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I am in a Professional Learning Community.

“The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives.” – Robert John Meehan Sometimes as an educator it feels as if the PLC ideal is unattainable. It is a nice thought, but executing a beneficial PLC seems impossible…especially with all of the other […]

TeachBeyond UK newsletter 4

4 Aut15 TeachBeyond UK Autumn/Winter 2015 newsletter- news about our office, things to praise God for from the past year, stories from Spain and things to pray about for the future.

Know their story

I sighed inside as normally easy-going Jeremiah acted up for the fifth time that period. His behaviour was out-of-control and he had quickly taken the class with him to the point where no one was paying attention any longer. This was a fourth grade class, and I was a minority among hundreds of African-American students and teachers. […]

Mapping out success through formative assessment

One of my favourite apps for navigation is Waze. This app not only provides step-by-step directions, but also adjusts the path based on current traffic situations. This serves as an excellent analogy for how teachers should use formative assessments in their classroom; they determine the best route needed to insure that students arrive at the […]

On Practice: Get students moving

As a teacher, I spend my days on my feet. I know that my proximity to my students is one of the best tools I have as far as classroom management, on-task behaviour, checking for understanding, and encouraging student questions. Any time there are students in my room, it is rare for me to be […]

New school year at Pag-asa.

School began in August at Pag-asa, here are some words from them- ‘You prayed, we prayed, God abundantly provided and school started with a flag raising ceremony, prayer and happy students. God provided a beautiful  building with amazing landlords. All 40 students are excited and encouraged. Please continue to pray for the students and teachers […]

On Practice: Good little boys and girls?

As the school year begins, this is a good time to examine our classroom management practices and the expectations we convey to our students. Through the practices we develop at our schools, are we cultivating “good” kids or kids who know they are sinners in need of a Saviour? Do we inadvertently equate compliance with […]

HOPAC, Tanzania

Two of our UK members serve at HOPAC, ‘Haven of Peace Academy’, this is a Christian school admitting students aged from 5 to 18+years. It is situated on a twelve acre campus overlooking the Indian Ocean in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Haven of Peace Academy was founded in 1994 by five missionary families who wanted […]

Return from Bolivia

We give thanks for one of our members Lora Bunting who has recently returned from spending time in Bolivia. She shares her story with us- My name is Lora Bunting, and I recently completed an 18 month term teaching at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Centre. The school provides a quality education in English and with a […]