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Thinking in an “On Demand” world

Our world is increasingly fast-paced. Everything around us, from drive-in restaurants to on-line media-streaming services, caters to our desire to have what we want right now. Even our phones, with their magic genies—Alexa, Siri, Cortana—answer our questions within moments. We live in an “on-demand” world. It is no wonder that in this context, our students […]

Making Sure Your Students Understand What You are Saying

One experience in my senior year of college shaped my teaching forever. I chose French 102 as an elective, because I’d always been fascinated by languages. A little self-study and my basic knowledge of Spanish got me through the placement test into the second semester, even though I’d never officially studied French. Although I still […]

Culturally Relevant Transformational Education

This year we have been examining TeachBeyond’s core values as they relate to our mission of Transformational Education. This month we’ve come to the value of cultural relevance and I [Becky] have asked a team working in a culture that is “pretty much as far as you can get from the TeachBeyond offices and from […]

Expectations Matter

“What is the matter with you? I’ve explained this three different ways. Why are you still having trouble getting it? Maybe maths just isn’t for you,” my teacher exhaled exasperatedly as I sat, head in hands, attempting to understand a basic trig lesson. It has been about seventeen years, and I still remember the sting […]

Holy Pots and Pans!

Every cooking pot in Jerusalem and in Judah will be holy to the LORD of hosts; and all who sacrifice will come and take of them and boil in them… Zechariah 14:21 Then the Lord said to him, ‘Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground. Acts 7:33 Holiness […]

Hands on Maths

“Struggling in mathematics is not the enemy, any more than sweating is the enemy in basketball; it is part of the process, and a clear sign of being in the game.”—Suzanne Sutton This quote has hung in my classroom for six years, defining how I approach teaching mathematics. Maths—and every other subject—should be accessible to […]

Learning Simulations

Take a second to recall the most memorable moments of your education. There’s a good chance that the things you remember tended towards the days that broke the mold: field-trips, special projects, or experiments. One particularly effective way to help students deeply internalise learning is to teach through a learning simulation. In a simulation the […]

Love for Others, God’s Way.

Susan was distracted all morning. Not her normal self, she couldn’t seem to start working and played with her crayons during directions. She talked to her neighbour during work time. Mrs. Jenkins corrected Susan a little, but mostly watched and let it go as just an odd day for Susan. At lunch, Mrs. Jenkins had […]

Integrity: Teaching Via Example

As teachers, our influence extends far beyond our handling of the taught curriculum. In fact, often the most enduring impact that we make comes from the hidden curriculum that we model on a daily basis. This hidden curriculum is made up of our values and the way we act on them. It is here that […]